Fujikura Group CSR Philosophy

Fujikura Group believes that the corporate social responsibilities the Group should follow are comprised of activities required for sustainable corporate management and activities for the establishment of a sustainable society, based on Fujikura Group's Corporate Philosophy (MVCV).

Fujikura Group CSR Basic Principles

Fujikura Group aims to serve as a bridge to an affluent future for people, society and the global environment through "Tsunagu" Technologies by becoming a company that serves the anticipated growth and development of society. We have established the following four focus areas to fulfill our social responsibilities in all aspects of our corporate activities so that each and every employees will comply with the relevant laws and regulations of every country or region we operate in as well as international rules and social norms; become aware of his or her own role as a member of society, and act according to good social sense.

【Four Focus Areas】

1. Sincere corporate activities

2. Concern for the environment

3. Respect for people 

4. In harmony with society

Fujikura Group Activity Guidelines

1.Sincere Corporate Activities

(1) We conduct corporate activities sincerely, complying with all relevant laws and regulations in the various counties and regions we operate in good faith. We conduct ourselves with a sense of ethics and social decency, recognizing ourselves as members of society.
(2) We work on maintaining and improving customer satisfaction by providing useful, safe and high-quality products and solutions from the viewpoint of customers.
(3) We conduct fair and transparent transactions in free and open competition.
(4) We maintain a healthy and normal relationship with politics, governments, citizens and various organizations.
(5) We manage and protect thoroughly information related to the Fujikura Group and its customers.

2.Consideration of the Environment

(6) We set voluntary management standards and work on maintaining and improving them, while complying with environmental regulations of the various countries and regions we operate in.
(7) We promote reducing our environmental burden in all business activities ranging from developing, designing, procuring, manufacturing, constructing to selling, distributing and disposing products, aiming to develop a sustainable society in harmony with the global environment.
(8) We promote environmentally friendly technological innovations and manufacture environmentally friendly products, while providing customers with information on appropriate ways of use, recycling and disposal of products.
(9) We contribute to society widely, actively participating in environmental preservation activities in the various countries and regions we operate in.
(10) We work on preserving the ecosystems, recognizing the importance of biodiversity in the global environment.

3.Respect for Human Beings

(11) We secure the safety of all people involved in corporate activities of the Fujikura Group to maintain and improve the working environment.
(12) We aim to create a comfortable workplace, where all employees can fully demonstrate their initiatives and creativity, without discrimination.
(13) We work on providing employees with opportunities equally and do all we can to assist them in maintaining their work-life balance.
(14) We respect the rights of all people and never allow human rights violation, including forced labor and child labor.

4.In Harmony with Society

(15) We make social contribution actively, respecting the cultures and customs of the various countries and regions we operate in.
(16) We work on maintaining and developing healthy relationship with all stakeholders by broadly communicating with them.
(17) We disclose corporate information actively on a timely and appropriate basis.

Fujikura Group Basic Principles for Safety and Health

 Occupational health and safety management is the basis of all our activities, as well as an important corporate foundation and corporate value itself. The management and all employees of the Fujikura Group will place the highest priority on safety in work practices and work on creating a safe and comfortable work environment, maintaining and enhancing mental and physical health.

In this regard, the Fujikura Group will implement the following:

  • 1.We will comply with legal and other occupational health and safety requirements.
  • 2.We will set specific targets related to occupational health and safety, implement measures and evaluate the results, and make continuous improvements.
  • 3.All divisions will conduct risk assessments and work to reduce risks.
  • 4.We will promote maintaining and enhancing mental and physical health and support improving the working environment and the health management of employees so that they can work actively.
  • 5.We will put the necessary resources to continuously improve our occupational health and safety management systems through consultation with and participation by employees.

Fujikura Group Policy for Responsible Mineral Sourcing

Based on Fujikura Group Corporate Philosophy MVCV, Fujikura group promotes procurement of minerals which are free from inhuman acts including human right violations and labor issues in regard to mineral procurement in conflict-affected and high-risk areas/countries in order to establish responsible supply chain.