OPTOENERGY Inc. is an optical component company specializing in developing, designing and manufacturing high-power semiconductor laser products. Our mission is to contribute to the society through providing innovative "lights". Experienced engineers bring break-through technologies to continuously generate world-class products. We continue to value strategic networks with key clients and suppliers globally, thereby expanding our product line, and deliver cost-competitive, reliable components.


Location 1440 Mutsuzaki ,Sakura-shi, Chiba 285-8550 Japan
Established May 2, 2005
Capital JPY 489,345,000
Employees 90
Chief Director Masayuki Yamaguchi


May. 2005 Optoenergy Inc. was estabished.
Aug. 2005 Factory operation was started at Naka-city Ibaraki Prefecture.
Apr. 2010 We became a subsiairy company of Fujikura Ltd.
Jun. 2016 Factory relocation to Sakura Works of Fujikura Ltd. was completed.
Feb. 2019 Acquired ISO9001:2015 certification

Fujikura Group Corporate Philosophy (MVCV)


Our FIRST RESPONSIBILITY is to our customers.
We help them sustain and develop their business by providing superior products and services through "TSUNAGU" technologies.

Our SECOND RESPONSIBILITY is to the men and woman of the Fujikura family.
They must constantly strive to develop products and solutions that provide value in the field of "TSUNAGU" technologies.

Our THIRD RESPONSIBILITY is to the communities in which we live.


The Fujikura Group continues to develop innovative and useful products and solutions as a pioneer in "TSUNAG" technologies.
Each individual takes a "Leading Role" (ownership), and aims for Professional business capability worldwide.

Core Value (CV)
Customer Satisfaction

"Are the customers satisfied?"


"Are you willing to take up challenges with entjusiasm to drive progress?"


"Do you collaborate with others to fully realize capabilities and potential?"