By advanced technical capabilities, OPTOENERGY provides the light you need.


OPTOENERGY has various design techniques required for developing laser diodes. For example, we have an optical wave-guide design technique to determine the best optical mode and a band engineering technique to understand the electrical characteristics and the energy band diagram. We can predict characteristics before producing laser diodes by combining the computer simulations and the findings acquired from our experiences. Moreover, for developing especially high power laser diodes, a thermal-stress analysis and a heat radiation design are important. Our designing technologies can achieve high power and high efficient laser diode on an unprecedented scale.

Epitaxial growth

The laser diode consists of multi semiconductor layers of nm order. An epitaxial growth process which forms a laser structure on a single-crystal substrate is one of the most important stages of determining the characteristics and the reliability of laser diodes. OPTOENERGY holds the well controlled epitaxial technology supported by the MOCVD equipment which can realize the precise growth at atomic levels, and the engineers who have abundant experiences, enabling us to provide the high power and high reliable laser diodes in various wavelength.


In laser diodes, a resonator is formed by cleavage facets. AR(anti-reflection) coating is formed to the facet where light emits and HR ( high reflection) coating is formed to the opposite side, and a laser beam is taken out from unidirectional. We can set each reflectivities suitable for applications according to your requirements. The facet coating is bearing a part of a reflection film, simultaneously an important part of a facet protection film that secures the reliability of laser diodes. OPTOENERGY offers the optimal coatings for high power and a high reliability.


A packaging technology is very important to pull out the performance of a laser diode to the maximum extent. In order to secure the operational stability and the reliability, a selection of a suitable heat-sink materials and a precise bonding is needed. OPTOENERGY holds the outstanding packaging technology and can provide products with packaging configurations united with your use environment and applications.


Various characterization technologies are needed to investigate laser diodes. These include measurement of an optical power, beam divergence, characteristics change by the heat generation at high power operation, etc. In order to prove long-term stable operation, an advanced reliability evaluation is required. OPTOENERGY holds the technologies required for all of these evaluations. Moreover, we conduct 100% screening inspection to provide high quality products. The optimal screening condition and pass/fail criteria are determined from rigorous analysis of experimental data. We have know-how and outstanding analysing techniques for the screening inspection.


Since a laser diode is highly technology-intensive device, various parameters are intricately interrelated which leads to final laser characteristics. In R&D, or the failure mode analysis, it is very important to uncouple the phenomena and analyze each parameter. OPTOENERGY holds the equipments required for the analysis of laser diodes including electron microscopes, X-ray diffractometer for thin-films, microscopic photo-luminescence and electro-luminescence measurement equipments ,etc. Also, we have valuable know-how, such as sampling methods for each analyses and a translation method of the obtained analytical data.